What To Expect

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Here's how it works:

1. Complete Our Online Application.

The application process will take about 20 minutes. You will answer questions about the home you wish to purchase along with providing financial information about the applicant(s). As soon as you've submitted the application, an automated email will be sent to confirm receipt of your application. 


A Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) will review the loan request and will contact you to arrange a convenient time to conduct a financial interview. Our goal is to ensure we have fitted you with the best product for your needs. Opportunities and solutions that surface in the interview may prompt us to suggest a more suitable product in some cases. The Loan Originator will verify all financial information disclosed in your application. They will confirm contact information for all parties as required for a purchase transaction and/or similar product. They will also request any preconditioned documents needed by the Loan Processing team to move the application forward.

2. Welcome Call & Next Steps

A Mortgage Loan Processor will contact you upon receipt of the application from the Loan Originator. The Mortgage Loan Processor will be your “single point of contact” until Final Approval of your application.  They will complete a second verification of information received, review proactively required items, explain the entire loan process, set expectations, and address opportunities/solutions to build rapport while also establishing clarity and understanding.


The Loan Processor will order an appraisal from a licensed appraiser who is familiar with home values in your area. Different appraisals are used based on your finances, type of property financed and the requested loan amount. Sometimes the appraiser will need to view the home interior and other times they are able to do their evaluation from outside the property. An inspection may also be used to evaluate a property and may uncover required repairs.  We begin the process of working proactively on all matters required to move your application forward.  This includes regular check-ins to keep you informed, obtain required document request status, processing title work and being responsive to an underwriter's request for additional items.  We want to ensure you have a positive experience from start to finish.

3. Closing Process

Once your application package is complete and includes all required materials, including the appraisal and title work, an underwriter will make the loan decision.  If approved, the application is transitioned to begin closing.  A Mortgage Loan Closer will contact you to schedule your loan closing. They will coordinate all documents, coordinate all parties, and schedule document signing.


The closing may take place at the office of a title company or at one of our branches depending on the loan type.  Our goal is to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.  We look forward to receiving your application.  Apply today.

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